Thursday, September 09, 2010

1st Residential PDT @ NACLI

24-25 July 2010

Singapore Participating Youths (SPYs) of SSEAYP met at the National Community Leadership Institute (NACLI) for our first residential training.

I really like the names of the rooms at NACLI. Our session was conducted in one of the Tanah Merah room. Well, it reassured me that it's not that far from home even though NACLI is really far.

During our training, I was surprised when I was called out to receive a gift for my efforts in helping revamp the SSEAYP International Singapore website from SIS President William Cheong.

In the evening, we had BBQ dinner! I thought it was a great format since everyone will get to chat with one another as we cook delicious food. Haha, soon it became a mass production line...

After dinner, SPY09 joined us! National Leader Desmond Boey then announced our committees. I was appointed the Head of the Discussion Committee as well as the Webmaster for the contingent.

I got to experience SSEAYP first hand, thanks to my senior Chee Wei (SPY09) who got me to commit to be foster family for 2 PYs last year. And here I am, now myself, a SPY10.

And a symbolic handing over ceremony from SNL09 to SNL10:

Thanks to Sherry who brought some fire sparklers, we got to relive our childhood days. Must be many years since I landed my hands on one...

Sunday morning, we did the flag-raising ceremony and sang our National Anthem with pride.

And had an exciting Captain Ball match!

Read for a meatier version of our 1st Residential PDT

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