Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eunos Emergency Preparedness Day & International Volunteer Nite

6 December 2009

Lin Qiang and I woke up early in the morning to attend the Cyber Patrol Squad briefing by the Internal Security Department at Bedok North Secondary School. The Cyber Patrol initiative is a project under the Kampung Spirit @ Eunos.

The intent of Kampung Spirit @ Eunos was to build resilience and strengthen the social fabric amongst the residents of Eunos by rekindling the kampung spirit of yester years. This was done through a slew of initiatives like the formation of the Eunos Community Engagement Champions (CECs), the Most Caring Neighbour Awards and the Eunos EP Day.

Recent incidents around the region show cyberspace could be used to spread rumours and fuel tensions. Recent trends also show an increase of internet users being victims of cybercrime. The intent of the watch group is to spread crime prevention messages relating to cybercrime and to alert the law enforcement agencies of any activities that will affect the safety and security of the community. The Cyber Patrol Squad consists of youths and students from Bedok North Secondary Schoool and will be under the charge of Eunos Youth Executive Committee (YEC).

The ISD briefing was insightful. Terrorism videos were screened to create awareness among the attendees. Coming from a combatant unit in the military that is at the forefront against terrorism, I can fully appreciate the facts that were shared. Police officers from Bedok North Neighbourhood Police Centre also presented some of the common cyber crimes, such as smooching, hacking, identity theft, phishing, etc.

As the leader of the Cyber Patrol Squad, I collected the certificates of appointment from our MP Zainul Abidin Rasheed, later during the Eunos Emergency Preparedness Day.

The Eunos Emergency Preparedness Day is organised by the newly formed Community Emergency and Engagement (C2E). In collaboration with grassroots leaders and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), the EP Day creates awareness on how to handle emergency situations.

The theme for this EP Day is the I.C.E (In Case of Emergency) project. The SCDF is encouraging mobile phone users to label their emergency contact with ICE in front so as to make it easier for others to contact the victim's next of kin. For instance, you can key save your Mum's number as "ICE -Mum" in your phone's address book.

Eunos CC YEC took charge of the games stalls for the event. The games were traditional ones, including Chapteh, Five Stones and Dart Throwing. It was happy for the youths when parents/grandparents start to talk to their children/grandchildren about how they were so good at these games when they were young.

Residents also get to experience water rationing when water supply gets cut off during emergency.

In the evening, grassroots leaders (GRLs) walked over to the Old Temporary Market to be appreciated at the International Volunteer Nite @ Eunos.

Wacky informal awards were up for nominations. These awards included: Best Uniquely Dressed GRL/ Most Thoughtful GRL/ Most "Relax One Corner" GRL/ Best Logistical Support GRL. Hock Rong received the Best Uniquely Dressed GRL award, with the reason of nomination being "always wearing the Red Liverpool Shirt", while Abdillah won the Most "Relax One Corner" GRL. Haha!

Throughout the event, I was busy looking after the YoSpinz kids. It's a pity my phone ran out of battery, but fortunately I could use one of the boys' camera phone to record the spectacular Yo-Yo performance.

Chilled with the YEC members at MacDonald's, and with Jialing's spontaneous idea, we each took photo with a huge Mac Smile:

It was a tiring yet fruitful day. 13 hours of grassroots volunteering. Cool.

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