Saturday, September 12, 2009

Zhong Yuan Festival: 9007 Zhong Yuan Carnival

22 August 2009

Every year, Uncle will invite us to the 9007 Zhong Yuan Carnival. This year, something is missing and that is the presence of Father.

Held in the Seventh Month of the Lunar calendar, the Zhong Yuan Carnival commences with prayers, and then ending with an auction dinner. The items are mostly auspicious items and can be bidded up to thousands of dollars. I always dream of the day when I can participate in such auctions.

Mother and I arrived very early. We found ourselves a good position such that we could view the getai performances while the auction was being conducted.

I had a little too much wine and was blushing all over. Being the youngest, all the excess food were automatically channelled to my plate. That made me super full!

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