Thursday, June 25, 2009

Interesting Sharing by an American at MPS

22 June 2009

As usual, Monday is Meet-the-People Session day. After volunteering for some time, everyone just becomes like a family. We chat and discuss about everything that's going on in our lives. The more amusing part is how the seniors and the youths have fun surfing Facebook after the MPS.

Today, there was an American at the MPS. Curiously, I asked him about the general sentiment of the politics of Singapore. He replied that Americans don't really know what happens outside America. In school, students learn about the geography of the United States, memorising each state and its history. As such, Americans rely upon the media to obtain information about other countries. Although he didn't really answer the question directly, he mentioned that he loves the Singapore system.

Some of my University lecturers had also mentioned the point about Americans being oblivious to the events occuring around the world, but this is the first time hearing it from an American himself.

This just reminds me of the fact that in every group of people, there would be the few outspoken among others. Being outspoken, they can push for agendas more effectively than the rest. However, their stands might not reflect the wishes of the majority. Similarly, the American media, being owned by big businesses, which in turn are owned by Democrats or Republicans, can push their agenda through painting their own version of the story.

It is ironic that as the ease of access of information increases, the dominance of individual perspective over information decreases...

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