Friday, April 18, 2008

Toastmasters International District 80 Area L1 International Speech and Table Topics Contest

12 April 2008 (Saturday)
Kg Chai Chee Community Centre

After joining Kg Chai Chee CC Toastmasters Club for 2 months, this event was the first Toastmasters contest that I attended, and participated as a contestant. The event was graced by the CCC Chairman of Kg Chai Chee CC.

I realised that I was the youngest contestant and the youngest person in the whole hall. The contestants balloted for their order of appearance and took a seat as the event commenced.

I was the first speaker for the English Speech category. My turn to speak was immediately after the refreshments, so I refrained from taking any food during the short break while taking deep breaths and wiping off my sweaty palms. I received my greatest encouragement from my Mother who came to support me, as well as a good-luck SMS from Bao Hui.

I spoke on "Gratitude". Silent Gratitude means no Gratitude at all. My speech took me 6 minutes. Emotions kicked in while I was sharing my personal anecdotes and I thought that affected my performance to some extent. Anyway, I gave in my best shot. I was amazed by the 3 other contestants. I would later learn that they had 5-10 years of contesting experience. Nevertheless, it was a great eye-opener and also a great first try on a Speech Competition platform.

Receiving the participation certificate from the Competition Chairman:

My supporter - Mother

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