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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PMTA Mandarin Toastmasters Chapter Meeting

11 August 2009

Was invited by Angie to her Toastmasters Club's chapter meeting. When she asked me to be a Project Evaluator, I thought it would be a beneficial experience since it would be my first time presenting an evaluation in Mandarin.

The refreshments was a healthy mix, with brown rice specially prepared by members, and other light snacks.

I evaluated 陈智芳 who presented her project 5, titled <<误机糗事>>. In my previous attendance to the meeting, she did her first project. Now, she's much more confident and exuberant in her presentation.

I was caught off surprise when the Club President announced that I won the Best Evaluator Award for the night.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

5th term Kg Chai Chee Mandarin/English Toastmasters Club 1st Chapter Meeting

28 July 2009

This is the first chapter meeting of Kg Chai Chee Mandarin/English Toastmasters Club since the new Club Officers were installed. I had looked forward to this meeting and made some preparation on my opening speech for the Club.

New members Joanne and Jacky presented their first project. Andrew from one of the RCs in Kg Chai Chee attempted his first Table Topics speech.

A parent of a participant from the WEC Colouring Contest came to attend the meeting. He is none other than Zafarullah ATMB, a Toastmaster from Whampoa Toastmasters Club.

Best Speaker:

Best Table Topics Speaker:

Best Evaluator:

Kg Chai Chee CC WEC Colouring Contest

26 July 2009

The colouring contest is organised at the Community Centre in conjunction with the Emergency Preparedness day at the carpark right outside the CC.

After taking up the position of President at Kg Chai Chee Mandarin/English Toastmasters Club, one of my aim is to create more speaking avenues for members through involvement with in grassroots and partnership with the CC's Women's Executive Committee. The Toastmasters Club is a subgroup of the WEC. I am honoured to be the Master of the Ceremony for the event.

The Club's VPE Adelene helped set up a publicity booth for the Club. The response was better than expected and some parents actually left their particulars down for following up.

WEC Assistant Treasurer & the Toastmasters Club Sponsor, Mdm Sim and myself conducted some games for the energetic crowd of children. The enthusiasm was so overwhelming that I found myself surrounded by all of them when I just requested for one participant.

The prizes were presented by the Guest-of-Honour, Mr Lee Yi Shyan, Minister of State for Trade & Industry and MP for East Coast GRC.

I was heartened when a parent requested for me to take a picture with her children. The boy had just won the contest, and the girl had participated in the "5 cute poses" game that I conducted.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kg Chai Chee Mandarin/English Toastmasters Club Officers' Installation Ceremony

23 June 2009

We were honoured to have the outgoing Division L Governor, Mr Yak King Chuan, ATMS AL, and the incoming Division L Governor, Wang Hong Shun, ACB CL to our special meeting. Today, the new Exco members would receive their appointment certificates.

Opportunities are abound for Toastmasters. Not only can one develop public speaking skills and confidence, one can also learn to become a better leader.

In the coming term, I would be promoted as President of the club, from my current position as Vice President Education. Has been a few years since JC where I last headed a committee. I believe this would be a great experience and learning opportunity.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Vietnam Toastmasters Club 4th Meeting

13 June 2009

When Geok Cheng invited me to Vietnam Toastmasters Club to be a project evaluator, I thought it would be a great opportunity to try out the job.

In the morning, I made my way to the Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore Management University, where the meeting was held. The place is easily accessible and the facilities were wonderful. As I said in my evaluation speech, the club is "well endowed".

In the meeting, the club sponsor and mentor Geok Cheng announced that the club has now been chartered. Although the club is young, the proceedings were professionally conducted and the enthusiasm of every member is high. Everyone seemed to be so energetic and eager to participate.

My maiden evaluation went to Grace's maiden speech. She talked about her experience in stepping out of her comfort zone and one way she did so, was to join Toastmasters. Well said!

Clinte gave a special speech item, "The Big Catch", in which he covered the 3 main types of speech and how to go about perfecting in them.

Receiving the appreciation ribbon from Charter President Catherine Tran:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Are We Dying?

26 May 2009

This is the 7th chapter meeting of the 4th term of Kg Chai Chee Mandarin/English Toastmasters Club and my last chapter meeting as the Vice President Education. It has been a fantastic and challenging year as a VPE. I'm glad to be head the new committee as President from June 2009.

Did Project 7 -Research Your Topic today with the title of "Are We Dying?" I discussed about the adverse effects of global warming and how everyone can do their part to prolong Earth's life. With that, I am now 2 more projects away from becoming a Competent Communicator!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Egg Colouring & Drawing (DIY) Contest

11 April 2009

The contest was organised by the Kg Chai Chee CC Women's Executive Committee (WEC) at Kg Chai Chee CC hall. It was open to children from Kindergarten to upper Primary level. I was glad to have the opportunity to emcee the event.

At 1.30pm, parents lined up to register their children for the contest. There were 3 groups - Group A (K1 and K2): to colour on the given drawing; Group B (P1 and P2): to colour as well as design easter eggs on the given drawing; Group C (P3 to P6): to design their easter eggs.

After registration, parents helped their children lay out their drawing materials. Some even brought small tables.

When I was young, I loved colouring. My parents always accompany me to colouring contests organised by various organisations. I once won a top prize for my colouring of a bowling alley at a family day event organised by my Mother's company.

As the emcee, I kept having to request for parents to return to their seats and not to communicate with their children. They were so anxious to pass comments to their children, so I asked them to have faith in their children's artistic talents.

After the submission, there was a balloon display by "Mr Lightning Finger", who was lightning fast in sculpturing balloons, most of the time without looking at the balloons as he folds them. His works include Elmo, Donald Duck, Bear with heart, Bugs Bunny, etc.

And the winning pieces:

Thursday, March 26, 2009

District 80 Area L1 Toastmasters Competition

24 March 2009

Time flies. I remember that I participated in the District 80 Area L1 Toastmasters competition last year. I had joined Toastmasters for a brief period and was asked to represent the club in the English prepared speech competition. It's a pity there isn't any English competition this year.

I rushed down from school and reached in time to assume my duty as a photographer.

The contestants were well prepared and spoke with their unique style. There was much to learn - from the blunders and beauties of their presentation.

Weiquan and Adelene represented Kg Chai Chee CC Toastmasters Club and did us proud.

I'm beginning to like the Toastmasters culture. It's a place where everyone gathers to learn from one another and where it's perfectly alright to make mistakes.

Attendees (who stayed back for the photo-taking):

The Kg Chai Chee CC TMC Family:

Log onto today to realise your speaking potential. Kg Chai Chee CC Toastmasters Club is a unique bilingual Toastmasters Club!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Singapore PMTA Mandarin Toastmasters Chapter Meeting

10 March 2009

Was invited by Angie to help out as a Table Topics Master at her Toastmasters Club chapter meeting. The fact that I am an English Toastmaster did not affect her decision to invite me. I gladly accepted the challenge and turned up at Textile Centre at 7pm.

This is the first chapter meeting I attended that is not held by my club. I arrived early and made some new friends. There, I found out that PMTA stands for Professional Manipulative Therapist Association. The club has now only 2 of them from the association, while others come from various walks of life.

Due to absentees, I also helped out as the timer. I was rather affected when the Club President, both in his opening address and closing speech, talked more about the company than Toastmasters. The chapter meeting was held at the office of an American MLM company.

The theme of my Table Topics segment was on Women since the past Sunday was International Women's Day. It was a fun experience interacting with the members.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Being Appreciated with ... Food!

18 January 2009

Due to my involvement in the organising of the Toastmasters International District 80 Semi-Annual Convention Welcome Dinner, I was invited to an appreciation lunch at MusicPoint @ SAFRA Tampines.

A whole lounge was reserved for the function. Hock Rong was invited to attend to "observe" our Toastmasters event. Both of us, together with Adelene, clustered together and formed the youth voices for the day.

I was surprised to receive an appreciation letter from the hands of the District Governor Goh Wei Koon DTM. I played a minor role as a member in the organising committee for the welcome dinner, yet I was appreciated for my work in front of the many experienced toastmasters who contributed to the convention as a whole.

This is one of the many things I like about Toastmasters. In every competition, in every meeting, Toastmasters put in the extra effort to ensure that everyone is being appreciated, irregardless of the amount of contribution. As a result, everyone feels good and valued.

Later at 7pm, Mr Pang Loo Sen PBM treated grassroots leaders to dinner at Hua Yu Wu (华裕园) restaurant for our contribution to the success of the Emergency Preparedness Day. It was a major constituency effort which drew in more than a thousand residents.

I was excited to know that Eunos Civil Defence Executive Committee had won the title of the best CDEC in Singapore this year, the 6th consecutive year.


Monday, January 05, 2009

The 2 Places I Dread the Most

30 December 2008

There are 2 places which I hate going to. They are the Airport and the Hospital. And I went to one of them today.

I have sent quite a handful of people away from the Airport ever since my Secondary schooldays. The transparent glass that divides the leavers and the stayers leaves the only communication channel open between tearful eyes and moving lips.

Likewise, trips to hospitals can never be a good thing. When visiting patients, the pain they are suffering makes one feel for them, but no matter how much empathy you have, you can't reveal them. I always had to put on a trembling smile and forcing back tears in order to worry others. The sight of other patients also injects some uneasiness into one.

In the evening, I went to Kg Chai Chee CC for the speechcraft competition. I was quite contented with my photo of the CC, which was used as the background for the certificates. Was the photographer for the event and enjoyed using the camera as a weapon to yield in smiling faces and nervous stares.

After Toastmasters, went jogging with Hock Rong round the Bedok Reservoir and enjoyed the oily Chicken Chop at the coffeeshop for supper...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kg Chai Chee Toastmasters Club Speechcraft

16 December 2008

Was the photographer and timer for the speechcraft course conducted by Kg Chai Chee Toastmasters Club. I felt that the speechcraft students had improved vastly after focusing on more eye contact with the audience. Looking forward to their competition in a few weeks' time.

As I sat through the speechcraft, I recalled how I became a Toastmaster. When I was first introduced into Kg Chai Chee Toastmasters Club by Madam Sim Lai Ngin, I was intrigued by the procedures and the emphasis on timing by Toastmasters. After joining it, I made a lot of friends and got to know a lot of experienced speakers. Mdm Sim had been a great mentor, guiding me from the beginning.

We ended the session late and when we were rushing out of Kg Chai Chee CC, the staff gave a stern look and scolded one of us. It was only 5 minutes. Suddenly I felt so lucky to be serving in Eunos CC, where it's cosy and the staff are friendly.

After the speechcraft, I brought my laptop to MacDonald's and met up with Hock Rong to type our minutes of meeting. As soon as we bought our drinks, some of the lights were switched off. Overheard a customer saying, "What a way to shoo off your customers!" It was much later that the manager told us that the fast food restaurant would be closed for maintenance.

Hock Rong suddenly had the desire for BBQ Stingray at Blk 85 Bedok Market. So off we went and filled our stomach. We walked in search for dessert but to no avail. Even when we reached the Mac at Bedok North, we were told that the ice-cream machine was not functioning. We walked further and reached the beacon of hope (or so I thought) - Bedok Interchange MacDonald's.

If you thought this is a partially eaten McFlurry, then you are so wrong. When I collected this from the counter, I was aghasted.

To make a better comparison, this is how a $1.50 Chocolate Fudge Sundae differs from my $2 McFlurry...

Without the cover on, it looks like this (Note: I haven't started eating it)

Hock Rong ate his sundae and remarked, "I feel the fullness in the vanilla!" My reply was, "I'm a McFlurry lover but the size just gets smaller!"

In the wee hours, weird things happen. There was a lady which marched around the whole fast food restaurant and laughed painfully to no one. I had my sense of empathy towards her. There were also some aunties taking their forty winks around the restaurant. They were most probably waiting for their work to start. I will never let this happen to my parents!

I recall an experience in Bugis MacDonald's in the wee hours as well, when a man actually slept on the ground and when the staff asked him to wake, he left leaving his solid waste behind. There are many people among us that we could extend our helping hands, but if we don't start from the family, these problems will be persistent.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Toastmasters International District 80 Semi-Annual Convention Welcome Dinner

21 November 2008
YWCA Ballroom

At 10.30am, reached YWCA (for the first time in my life) for the District Exco Meeting. The meeting was only open to Presidents and Vice-Presidents (Education). The meeting was encouraging in that there is much progress in the various divisions of District 80.

We adjourned for lunch and I was glad to make new friends from Hong Kong as we lunched together in the round table. There was exchanges of questions on how we run our programmes as well as some understanding of local culture.

The Chinese humorous speech and evaluation contest were an eye-opener. It inspired me to look into how I could go around adding more humour into my speeches in the future. I particularly like these statements made by one of the contestant:

Who says the person above a white horse must be a prince? It could be Tang San Zang (The monk in Journey to the West). Who says someone with wings must be an angel? He could be a Bird Man (in Chinese, it's a derogratory term).

The highlight of the day (at least to me) was the Welcome Dinner. Mdm Sim was the organising chairperson and had roped in Adelene and myself to help out in ensuring the smooth flow of the programme. The theme for the night was .

At about 5pm, performers started to arrive to test the sound system as well as do some final rehearsals. The Thai delegates did their dance rehearsal in their formal wear and it looked interesting (read comical).

At 7.30pm, the young performers marched up on stage and waved to the guests to signify the start of the event. These young performers are very entertaining and very professional. All of them had plenty of titles clinched in various competitions - locally and globally.

Olivia Tan - Nothings Gonna Change my Love for You

Christina Yeo, Tissany Tan, Victoria Pang - When You're Gone (The Best version I've ever heard)

Tissany Tan, Olivia Tan, Victoria Pang - Laigethong (Thai melody with Chinese lyrics - Thai delegates thronged the Dance Floor)

Braddell Heights Mandarin Toastmasters - 站在高岗上

Tissany Tan, Victoria Pang, Shermine Tong - Di Tanjong Katong

DTM Aziz Mustajab hosted the games segment of the night. The first part was the guessing of retro song titles. The second was identifying old photographs. The games sent everyone into hysteria, dashing in hope to win the table prizes.

Hong Kong delegates - Cantonese Song

Liu Qiu Feng - 天路, 西班牙女郎 (Amazing!)

Debbie Tok & Daphne Tok - Colours of the Wind

It was fun being programme coordinators. Frederick kept dancing to songs and even danced with Adelene on numerous occasions at the dance floor. Of course, who could miss taking pictures with the cute performers?

Shermine Ang - Japanese Dolls

Shermine Tong - Speedy Gonzales (I can't seem to forget that song)

Shermine Tong, Adelene, Shermine Ang, Tissany Tan, Victoria Pang

The finale item was a multiracial song which saw Tissany changing into various ethnic costumes on stage, ending with the song "Let's Twist". Everyone thronged the dance floor and later the stage to just "twist"! There was an encore and the mood just gets higher. The emcee had a hard time ending the programme. Haha.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Toastmasters International District 80 Area L1 International Speech and Table Topics Contest

12 April 2008 (Saturday)
Kg Chai Chee Community Centre

After joining Kg Chai Chee CC Toastmasters Club for 2 months, this event was the first Toastmasters contest that I attended, and participated as a contestant. The event was graced by the CCC Chairman of Kg Chai Chee CC.

I realised that I was the youngest contestant and the youngest person in the whole hall. The contestants balloted for their order of appearance and took a seat as the event commenced.

I was the first speaker for the English Speech category. My turn to speak was immediately after the refreshments, so I refrained from taking any food during the short break while taking deep breaths and wiping off my sweaty palms. I received my greatest encouragement from my Mother who came to support me, as well as a good-luck SMS from Bao Hui.

I spoke on "Gratitude". Silent Gratitude means no Gratitude at all. My speech took me 6 minutes. Emotions kicked in while I was sharing my personal anecdotes and I thought that affected my performance to some extent. Anyway, I gave in my best shot. I was amazed by the 3 other contestants. I would later learn that they had 5-10 years of contesting experience. Nevertheless, it was a great eye-opener and also a great first try on a Speech Competition platform.

Receiving the participation certificate from the Competition Chairman:

My supporter - Mother