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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Eunos Heights Chinese New Year Dinner 2011

20 February 2011

Eunos Zone '3' (Heights) Residents' Committee held our Chinese New Year Dinner 2011 at Eunos Community Club Hall.

Children of residents welcoming our Grassroots Adviser Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed

Giving my speech as the RC Chairman

"Let's bring on the Dance Floor, man!"

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dialogue on Integration & MP giving oranges

1 February 2011

Visited the Bloodbank @ Health Sciences Authority (HSA) Building to make my 6th blood donation as the festive period was approaching.

It was innovative for Bloodbank to be distributing apples to blood donors after their blood donation, since oranges would have costed much more.

Don't be afraid~

It must have been a few years since I made my blood donation at HSA. The Donors Refreshments Menu had certainly been ENHANCED!

In the evening, fellow Eunos Grassroots Leaders had a dialogue with Adviser Zainul Abidin Rasheed, representatives from Ministry of Home Affairs and the newly created National Talent & Population Division. The topic was on Integration and Immigration, a hot topic that concerned many Singaporeans.

Presentation by Director of the National Talent & Population Division, Prime Minister's Office

I took the opportunity to share about the lack of infrastructure planning to cater for the sudden population growth, resulting in inconvenience to Singaporeans, such as having to squeeze in packed and crowded trains. I cited a comment posted by a Facebook friend lamenting that she thought she was in a foreign land when she took the train to work.

I also raised the concern of the rising number of foreigners in our tertiary institutions.

It has been a tradition for our Adviser to visit the market and distribute oranges to residents on the night before the eve of Lunar New Year. This is the night when residents would do their final "marketing" to prepare for the celebrations.

Residents shouting "Huat" cheer

We happened to chance upon a TV celebrity Ah Nan

A cheer crafted by Ah Nan: "Eng Ong Huat lah!"

Sharing cum Dialogue Session with RC Chairpersons

26 January 2011

Participated in the 3rd day of the 21st IAVE World Conference in the morning and then attended the Sharing cum Dialogue Session with Residents' Committee (RC) Chairpersons organised by People's Association.

The Straits Times, 26 January 2011
Was quoted in a news report on youths. My comments on the survey findings that showed that Singapore youths are generally happy: "I agree that youths today are happier. We're getting a bit more attention now than before, including *Scape, where young people can hang out, and more dialogues being organised in schools and grassroots organisations for youths to speak up. We now have more platforms to express ourselves - and it's helped to give us a boost in our confidence."

The Sharing session was held at Tampines East Community Club.

People's Association Chief Executive Director Yam Ah Mee giving his welcome address

Mr Joshua Chan, People's Association Research Division, shares some statistics

Sharing by Central Singapore Director. He shared that there are a total of 557 RCs in Singapore

Best Practices Sharing by Ms Judith Lee, PBM, Chairlady of Tampines East Zone 4 RC

Ms Judith Lee shared a great quote, "The sky has its limits, but our outreach has no limits."

The RC's Women Aerobics Club, formed 12 years ago.

Tampines East Zone 4 RC Hip Hop Dance Club 

Volunteers and Interest Group members of Tampines East Zone 4 RC

National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan (Tampines GRC) chairing the dialogue session with Advisers Cynthia Phua (Aljunied GRC) & Michael Palmer (Pasir Ris GRC) & PA CED Yam Ah Mee

Such sharing sessions are helpful in allowing different RCs to share and learn from one another!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Eunos C2E Table Top Exercise 2011

16 January 2011

Eunos Community Emergency & Engagement Committee (C2E) held a Table Top Exercise together with the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), Bedok North Secondary School, National Environment Agency, Bedok Neighbourhood Police Centre.

A SCDF iPhone App on fire safety

Eunos C2E Chairman Pang Loo Seng PBM addressing participants

We were given a few scenarios on conflict between different racial groups for discussion within our groups.

And here's me sharing the discussion results on behalf of my group

We should not wait for things to happen before we react to them. During crisis, as grassroots leaders, we need to know who to heed advice from, which government body or local organisations to approach, how do we disseminate key information to our residents.

Launch of Eunos Vista Karaoke Interest Group

16 January 2011

Attended the Happy Happy Sunday, an event providing free breakfast for needy residents.

Wei Quan debuts as Master of Ceremony

Monthly YEC Meeting

In the evening, attended the Eunos Vista Karaoke Interest Group Launch.

With 谢金石老师 and Eunos CCC Chairman Sim Wai Chin BBM

Interest Groups are great platforms to engage residents with similar interests to come together and get to know one another.